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صرفه جویی در محصولات جدید شرکت هواساز

Saving more energy on new Havasaz products

To save energy consumption and prevent energy loss in the exhausted air, Havasaz suggests using recycled energy converters in air handling units.

These converters can include a plate heat exchanger or a rotating heat exchanger. This type of energy saving is especially recommended for applications such as clean rooms that require a high percentage of fresh air and in some cases 100 percent.

About Havasaz

Havasaz Company with over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, operating and maintaining all type of air conditioners in mega project, By Applying technical knowledge of the day, keep up with the latest achievements and designs of the world's leading manufacturers, has always been successful as the leading Iranian company in this field.

There are no problems with air conditioning that Havasaz Company can’t solve it. With a complete range of system solutions in terms of quality, design, materials and performance, it is able to meet all customer needs.

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