Applications of public spaces

Buildings intended for public use have certain parameters in terms of architecture and construction as well as the needs of their users. Depending on the particular activity for which the space is intended, the requirements for measuring heating and cooling load, noise and air quality are quite different.

Based on this, a wide range of HVAC equipment can be considered, including two and four pipe hydronic systems (fan coils), air handling units, etc.

In such applications, large amounts of cooling and heating energy, varying throughout the seasons, can be saved by using energy recovery units and used in heating and cooling systems.

Free cooling system for indoor air and circulating water is a good way to store energy in the space.

With over 50 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, Havasaz gives its customers the confidence to benefit from its expertise in a variety of public spaces such as theaters, sports complexes, airports and museums.

Latest Public spaces Projects