With today's modern infrastructure, air conditioning systems require something beyond conventional air conditioning products. What is needed is a comprehensive and systematic solution. The harmonious combination of several devices, auxiliaries and monitoring and control tools that are in perfect harmony is needed to meet the comprehensive and precise requirements of air conditioning at all times and under varying operating conditions and continuous changes.

Havasaz Company was founded to help with its comprehensive solutions and advanced equipment to deliver sophisticated and complicated systems that meets all the needs of its customers:

  • Complete set of air conditioning systems and all accessories that can meet all customer needs.
  • Providing control system and software programming that allows client-specific control algorithms to be created and controlled optimally and efficiently.
  • Professional design team, highly qualified technical consultants, to meet all the details of clients' needs
  • 52 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, including a set of devices related to various applications in the air conditioning industry
  • Complete testing of equipment by the most updated testing equipment to ensure quality

Creating and producing optimal solutions that fit perfectly with the needs of customers requires a complex process involving technical knowledge and effective experience. With a comprehensive and optimized solution, Hvasaz Company responds to all customer needs, however complex, and this is an honor for this company, which is one of the pioneers of Iran's air-conditioning industry.