About Company

Havasaz Company with over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing, operating and maintaining all type of air conditioners in mega project such as oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, refinery, office, commercial and residential and hospital complexes, By Applying technical knowledge of the day, keep up with the latest achievements and designs of the world's leading manufacturers, has always been successful as the leading Iranian company in this field.

Havasaz Company in order to develop technical solution that has maximum satisfaction among its customers, focuses on continuous attention to research and quality. The competitive advantage of the Havasaz Company comes from responding to technological challenges arising from innovation, investment in processes and understanding of specific customer needs.

There are no problems with air conditioning that Havasaz Company can’t solve it. With a complete range of system solutions in terms of quality, design, materials and performance, it is able to meet all customer needs.

Special tools, Custom Selection and Simulation Allows Havasaz Company to design specific knowledge-based system solutions and ensure that each customer has an optimal solution for their individual needs and circumstances.

Our purpose in Havasaz Company is not just to supply products but to provide complete and integrated system solutions.

Now the Havasaz Company with these capabilities has always been able to present himself as a leader in large air conditioning projects with reputable employers such as National Iranian Oil, Petrochemical and Gas Companies, Oil & Gas Pars Company, MAPNA Company, Ministry of Housing, large commercial and residential complexes and numerous hospital spaces.

It should be noted that these employers have set the main criterion for selecting the company base on rich experience, technical and engineering capability and ideal quality. This feature has made Havasaz Company as a top choice for the most difficult and sensitive national projects in various industries and has been proud and successful. In this regard, Havasaz has always welcomed the execution of specific and complex projects by providing partnerships with leading companies in the industry in the world, delivering the final product with the highest technology of the day.

With all the available potential, Havasaz Company is a reliable partner to participate in the largest national projects in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance phases and thus is one of the few companies that has the full capability to do the EPC project.