The Persian Gulf Star gas condensate refinery as the first refinery designed based on gas condensate feed with a capacity of 6,000 barrels per day, built alongside the Bandar Abbas Oil Refinery. The Persian Gulf Star refinery has been constructed to continuity of gas extraction operations from the South Pars Joint Field and reducing environmental pollutants and ensure the country's self-sufficiency in providing strategic energy products such as gasoline and oil and Produces products such as liquid gas, hydrogen, sulfur, jet fuel and a variety of solvents. The Persian Gulf Star refinery, in addition to its social responsibility towards local communities, by providing its components, services and manpower from internal capacity and applying quality standards can guarantee the continuity of production. So we have to think nationally to product nationally, and that production has continuity and stability.

The refinery also holds the EMFD European Foundation Medal and is the main supplier of the company's fuel. With specialized tools, selection and simulation, Havasaz company has always been able to present itself as an Executor of large-scale air conditioning projects, with reputable employers such as the Gulf Star Refinery, and have the honor of collaborating and providing complete and integrated solutions in this field.