To save energy consumption and prevent energy loss in the exhausted air, Havasaz suggests using recycled energy converters in air handling units. These converters can include a plate heat exchanger or a rotating heat exchanger. This type of energy saving is especially recommended for applications such as clean rooms that require a high percentage of fresh air and in some cases 100 percent. Due to the high efficiency of these types of devices, its initial cost is depreciated in a very short time.

A plate heat exchanger is a combination of plastic or metal plates with interconnected airways. The heat is transmitted through the air flow from one side of the plate to the other side, which typically these plates are 4 to 6 mm apart and have a thermal efficiency of up to 90%.

To achieve maximum efficiency and thus minimizing energy consumption, Havasaz offers different solutions for different applications and with its 52 years' experience will offer the most optimal device in any application.