Residential applications

Residential air conditioning systems must be designed In accordance with lifestyle such that meets the comfort needs of all who use it.

Residential-use air conditioners will play a very important role in building energy consumption. Therefore, in order to optimally consuming energy and achieving to ideal comfort conditions, special conditions must be considered in designing and manufacturing of the devices. To achieve this goal, Havasaz uses the latest standards in the world to design and manufacture its devices.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, the use of low noise level equipment will ensure the comfort of residents.

With a wide range of solutions for residential applications, Havasaz Company has the market leading position in residential systems. The production of silent fan coils with aluminum fans and the least consumable mini-chillers produced in the country with the highest capacity is only part of the capabilities of the Havasaz Company.

As a leading company in the use of energy recovery converters, Havasaz Company will be an ideal supplier for its customers.

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