Water cooled chiller

Cooling capacity
9.1~900 kw
Use of Eco-friendly R134a refrigerant due to the zero ODP and low GWP of this refrigerant. Shell & tube condenser with highest efficiency. Shell & tube or Plate heat exchanger evaporator with highest efficiency. Electrical and control components from reputable brands in Western Europe and America. Possibility of using smart PLC or DDC...

Air Cooled Chiller

Cooling capacity
6.24~824 kw
Ideal for industrial and commercial use and designed to ambient temperature of 52 ° C Using V-shape coils in order to better air suction and reducing air movement noise through the coils. Using German Rosenberg electro fans at 900 rpm and very low sound level and simple electrical connection in condenser coils. Use of Eco-friendly R134a...
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