NSV UK as a manufacturer of explosive devices and equipment has been operating since 1975. All explosive products are manufactured under ATEX standards and tested and approved in Europe's leading laboratories.


Explosion-proof chillers, explosion-proof packages, explosion-proof dampers, explosion-proof air conditioning and condensing, control boards and explosion-proof power distribution.

The locations used by the company's manufacturing machines

The company's construction equipment is used in the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plants and offshore platforms as well as renewable energy.


Brent Bravo, Charlie and Delta platforms For the past 23 years with the same HVAC equipment they continue to operate.

Its products are ATEX certified and all of its products will operate in hazardous environments with the potential for explosion at their highest efficiency. Also the products of this company according to customer's request will be able to provide stainless steel devices in corrosive conditions.

Explosion-proof damper specifications:

The explosion-proof damper of the company can withstand up to 1 bar of direct pressure and is manufactured in different dimensions and sizes for different aeration. NSV explosion-proof dampers are made of high quality stainless steel 316. The operation and operation of the equipment under the blast wave can be manual and electric.

Explosion Proof Specifications:

NSV airbags are made of stainless steel 316 and are equipped with anti-ignition fan, explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof panel, etc. The whole machine has ATEX certifications and is suitable for operation in Hazardous Area.