ElectroVent CO was founded in 1987 in Italy with the aim of producing air-conditioning systems.and Produces a wide range of fans for industrial, commercial, marine and rail applications. Designing, manufacturing - assembly and testing of fan components in the laboratories available at the Electrovision site, given the company's high area of 15,000 meters.


Axial Fan, Wall, Canal, Roof, Forward Centrifuge, Beckard & Canal, Cabinet Fan, Plastic Corrosion Fan, Heat Recovery Unit, Explosion Fan, High Heat Resistant and Exhaust Smoke Fan, Jet Oxygen fans and parking centrifuge.

Explosion Proof Extrusion Devices: All of these devices are ATEX certified, and the electromotor is coupled directly to the fan and the body of the device will be custom-made and tailored to the project's requirements.

Anti-corrosion fan extrusion devices: Havasaz co has designed and manufactured this special product for high corrosion environments with polypropylene fans.

It can be used in addition to acidic and corrosive environments in hazardous and explosive environments.

Jet heat resistant fans: These fans are certified F200, F300, F400.

These heat classes mean that the equipment is capable of operating properly for 2 hours at the temperatures indicated. This type of jet fan is suitable for use in ventilating car parks to discharge CO and other hazardous pollutants is used in emergencies and fires to prevent damage to persons and objects.